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Mei Hua Brand Back Pain Relief Patch Price: S$ 24.00/bundle (3 packs per bundle) (Total: $27 per 3 packs include shipping with no tracking number, Total: $31 per 3 packs including shipping with tracking number.) For the temporary relief of minor aches of muscles and joints 14 cm x 11cm (each patch) 6 Packs Bundle ( 5 patches per pack) Estimated Delivery Time: 10 to 14 days from date of payment. Shipped via airmail.
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Here are 5 Ways to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain

Almost all people suffer from back pain at some time or the other in their lives. Some have back injuries, others might have a strain because of repeated back breaking work and sometimes you might just lean against a wall incorrectly or just bend down to pick up something and your back just stiffs up. No matter what the cause, getting immediate lower back pain relief is what most people would want. So here are some ways you can find pain relief.   Do not limit movement If you have suffered back pain for some reason other than serious injury then contrary to popular belief, limited bed rest works better. The spinal column, muscles and ligaments work well when there is movement. So you can expect better back pain relief if you move around rather than stay in bed. However, you need to do activities in moderation and avoid strenuous ones like gardening for a while yet or carry heavy objects. Of course if the pain is the result of slipped disc, fall or accident then you need to follow doctor’s instructions.   Exercise the Core The muscles in your abdominals and lower back support your spine. In order to get back pain relief you need to strengthen the abs. If the abs are not strong, then the strain of supporting the torso falls on the lower back resulting in pain. If the abs are strong then the strain on the lower back is reduced which results in less pain.   Stretching and Flexibility Most of us do not really work the back muscles or spine as we go about our daily activities. This causes tightness and tensions. So you need to stretch the back and these exercises can help. Lie on your back, pull both knees to the chest, simultaneously flex your head forward till you feel a comfortable stretch in the spine as you remain in a balled up position. Doing the yoga pose known as Sphinx also provides back pain relief. Lie on your stomach, prop up on your arms palms down. Press into the floor with your palms, feet and pubic bone. You will feel a nice long stretch along your entire spine.   Sleep in the correct position Sleeping in the right position brings a lot of relief for those who suffer from back pain. If the mattress does not support the spine correctly back pain can get worse. Those who sleep on their stomach could strain their back more. The best position to sleep in on the left side with pillows between the knees as that keeps the spine in a neutral position.   Good posture is important While we go about our daily activities, sitting or standing we tend to slouch or stoop. This puts strain on the spine which then results in back pain. The strain keeps building over the years and back pain results. Maintain the right curvature in the back so that the spin and nerves are not pressured. This will bring long term back pain relief.
Tips For Backpain Relief Lower Back Pain Relief Patch

Introducing The New Pain Relief Patch For

Lower Back Pain

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Have you tried other pain relief patches but they are not relieving your back pain? Try the latest Mei Hua brand pain relief patch with more than 16 natural Chinese herbs and ingredients. This new back pain relief patch is easy-to-use and does not stain your clothes. It is almost odourless, so no one will notice that you are using a pain relief patch. Made from Japan fabric manufacturing technology, the all-natural pain relief patch stops lower back pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle pain, neck & shoulder pain and all kinds of sprain and strain. The unique feature of this latest pain patch is that it contains Chinese herbs to help improves blood circulation and movement of Qi in your body to offer extra pain relief.
Mei Hua Brand Pain Relief Patch Chinese
Mei Hua brand pain relief patch provides effective pain relief for up to 10 hours or more.  Each pack contains 5 pieces and they can be cut to size to suit your needs. The key ingredients are ( mg): Daemonorops Draco 22 Methylsalicylate 22 Pinus Massoniana Lamb 22 Radix Paeonia Lactiflora 40 Herba Metntha 60 Resin 220 Radix Gentiana Macrophylla 8 Fructus Cindium Monnier 8 Dendrobium 8 Rhizome pinellia Ternata 8 Radix Saussurea 8 Rhizome Dioscorea Hypoglauce 8 Cortex Cinnamomum 8 Cervis nippon Teminck 8 Acanthopanax 12 Rhizome Atractylodes 12 Rhizoma Ligusticom 20 Radix Drynaria 22 Flos Carthamus Tinctorius 22 Pyrite 22 Commiphora myrrha Engl 22 Boswellia Carterii Birdw 22 Radix Angelica Sinensis 22 Adix Cyathula Officinalis 12 Rhizome Acorus Gramineus 12 Dressing 346
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